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01473 603405

We can build your prototype pcbs from schematic drawings. Get your design plotted ready for the bare boards and then into production. Working with you every step of the way to ensure your product meets your specific requirements.

We have highly skilled operators who can work and place components  to a very high standard.

Prototype to ......

With the extensive manufacturing facilities here at CAS we are able to offer a vast range of services. Lead free Flow solder and our Mydata SMD placement machine.


Production runs ......

We also Specialize in the supply of panels, silk screened or engraved. Engraved labels, machined enclosures. Full box builds and much more.



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We can make replacement cables for whatever you need


Our computerised stock sytems allows us to procure parts at the best possible prices for you.  

Our Buffer stocking techniques allow for our customers to order larger batches at lower prices and then call their products off when required.

For more details email [email protected]


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We can also work from free issue kits supplied by you.